Things You Need to Know Before Hiring an Interior Designer

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What happens when you make a report for a presentation but did not bring that single file that you thought you didn’t need but was actually significant? You get the point. Success is measured in the amount of preparation exerted. Doing preparations before meeting an interior designer should have the same principle.

Time is important on both ends. As a client, you should prepare for the necessary things your Kansas City interior designs will ask you. This way, you won’t waste each other’s time. Other than deciding on the design style you want your space to have, there are several other things that you need to consider. Scratch that. Things that you need to know:

Floor plan and building design

You can ask your architect a copy of the building design if he or she hasn’t already given you. You should also have a copy of the floor plan. Both should be the updated ones. The designer will be able to verify if you need new flooring or walls for the design you are going for.

Electrical and plumbing layouts

This will help the designer determine the best location to place a particular light or the number of lights needed for that matter. Plumbing layout is important for the kitchen and bathroom designs. You might want the kitchen sink or bathroom basin relocated.

Specifications of the look you are going for

Telling the designer your general design concept won’t be enough. He or she has to know your particular taste: colors of choice, materials, fabrics, furniture, finishes, etc. You should tell the designer the things that you want and need in detail.


Tell the designer your minimum and maximum budget for the whole project and services. This will determine how far you both can go on spending for the space renovation, especially for the designer who can go ahead and look for pieces that can fall on your category of style.


Agree on a target date that’s achievable and realistic. This way, a good quality output can come out of. Each day should be designated with a set of work to be done. If you live in a space in a building not managed by you, then check with them regarding allowable working hours.

Dream design

Go beyond the typical discussion of fabrics and wall colors with your designer. If you dream of having a single bookshelf attached on your bed frame, or situate your bed atop near the roof so you can have your closet and extra space below, tell your designer. He or she will find the best way to do it or if not, something similar to it.


Make everything clear to them and leave nothing out. You have to trust each other at least for the duration of the project. Set expectations that are realistic as well. If differences occur as they most likely will, you need only meet halfway.

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